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Floors With Flair Polished Concrete Services

Whether you are renovating or building your new home from scratch, you have many decisions to make. We can answer many of your questions in relation to choosing a concrete polishing contractor, the price of polished concrete floors and the different finishes available to you. Let us help you choose a floor that will suit your taste and your lifestyle.

Why the distinction between grinding and polishing??

In the concrete finishing industry there are two main methods that are used to provide a polished concrete floor. These methods are often referred to as full polish or grind and seal. Both finishes require diamond grinding to achieve the desired finish but the extent of grinding differs greatly between methods.

Grinding and Sealing
This process involves us grinding the concrete in a few steps to a level where the aggregate is exposed and a consistent, flat finish is achieved without a high level of gloss. The desired finish is then achieved by applying a sealer coat in a similar way that a traditional timber floor is coated. Advantages are that a very pleasing result can be achieved and due to the fact that there is less diamond grinding of the floor, this finish is more economical than that of a full polish. Disadvantages are, that the sealer coat will need to be maintained at least every 12-18 months and just like timber flooring, the entire coating system may need to be stripped from the floor and reapplied to achieve the required finish.
SuperConcrete – The real thing! Floors With Flair are very proud to be able to offer our customers the Klindex SuperConcrete polishing system. This system involves at least 10 - 15 stages of diamond grinding as well as grouting and hardening stages which results in the highest quality polished concrete floor possible today.

The finishes available are only limited by your imagination. Various aggregate is widely available from concrete suppliers but in addition dyes can be introduced prior to polishing to give enhanced effects, decorative saw cuts can be used to give a unique personalised feel and the final finish can be matt, semi-gloss or high gloss.

A KKlindex SuperConcrete floor is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean and maintain. It is resistant to:

  UV Rays  

Foot Traffic 







Due to the advantages of the Klindex SuperConcrete floor system, it’s applications are wide and varied:










 External areas